Tabor says that Browne Administration’s promises on water appear to be stuck in the pipeline

Damani Tabor, public relations officer of the United Progressive
Party (UPP), says the Gaston Browne Administration’s promises on
water seem to be stuck in the pipeline. 

Tabor recalls that, over a year ago, Prime Minister Browne said the
water issues would be resolved in 90 days. But this is far from
being reality, with the country’s water problems being discussed
again, last Wednesday, during the weekly Cabinet meeting.

At present, there are complaints that water delivery is sporadic –
with some communities not getting the precious commodity for
days or even weeks – and that the colour and smell are

He recalls, too, that Browne had accused the Antigua Public Utilities
Authority (APUA) workers of sabotaging the water-distribution
system, and he wonders whether this is still the case the Executive is

Meanwhile, the Cabinet is promising that another Reverse Osmosis
(RO) Plant will be constructed on Barbuda and that an important
piece of equipment for the Ffryes facility –which has been taken
offline – should be on island early this week. 

But Tabor says the people deserve better than the continued
piecemeal announcements outlined in the Cabinet Notes.

Residents need to know why the Administration has failed to give
APUA management and staff adequate support, allowing them to
meet the timelines they announce but keep pushing back, the UPP
spokesman says.

The Administration has cited broken pipes as one reason for the
challenges with water delivery to various communities; but Tabor is
asking why these pipes have not been replaced, to date, when a

Barbadian company was expected to be contracted to deal with the

Tabor wants to know what has become of this plan, and opines that
the Browne Administration is making jokes with the people.
In the meantime, the public relations officer commends APUA’s
management and staff for doing their best with the limited
resources at their disposal.

He says they are on the ball, but the Government has failed to give
them the support that is required.