Guilty: Tedson Knowles convicted of May 2019 murder of girlfriend Carissa Chandler; sentencing scheduled for July 1

A New Winthorpes man who shot and killed his girlfriend more than five
years ago has been found guilty: A jury unanimously found Tedson Knowles
culpable of the capital offence of murder on Wednesday, June 5, after over
three hours of deliberations.

Knowles allegedly was involved in a domestic dispute with his girlfriend,
Carissa Chandler, when the argument turned violent and then deadly, as he
shot her at close range.

The convicted man will know his fate on July 12 when he will be sentenced for
this crime, which carries a maximum penalty of life imprisonment. 
It is alleged that Knowles initially told the Police that Chandler had been shot
by an intruder who had entered their apartment in New Winthorpes at about
4 a.m. on Thursday, May 23, 2019.

However, neighbours recounted, during the trial, that they had heard a fight
taking place in the couple’s apartment and then a loud explosion.

Reports say that, when Knowles was put on the defense during the trial, he
opted to say nothing – which he has the right to do under the law.  However,
he also had the option of giving an unsworn statement or taking the witness
stand and testifying in his own defence.

Chandler, 30, also of New Winthorpes, was pronounced dead by a medical
doctor at the Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre where Knowles had driven her.
He was taken into custody for questioning immediately after the incident; and,
subsequently, the Police reportedly recovered the firearm used in the

Knowles was 44 years old when he committed the fatal act.