Suicide of All Saints villager brings mental health – especially of young men – into focus again

The Police continue to probe an alleged suicide committed by an All
Saints Village man on the weekend.

Reports say the victim was 31 years old and is believed to be a
citizen of another Caribbean island.

While it is unclear who discovered the body, reports say the
deceased was found hanging from an electrical cord of the ceiling in
his home.

The unsettling discovery was made at about 7:30 a.m on Saturday,
June 24.

The district doctor visited the scene and pronounced him dead at
approximately 9:08 a.m., just shy of two hours later.

It is not known what might have pushed the man to end his life, but
other media reports are suggesting that he was drinking heavily the
night before and complaining that he was unable to find a job.

The Police have expressed sympathy to the man’s family and, again,
are appealing to residents to pay special attention to their family

Relatives have an important role to play in detecting when
something is not right with other family members, the Police say,
since these troubled persons often display signs.

However, individuals who are facing difficult circumstances also
ought to reach out for help, the Police add, as keeping things bottled
up is unhealthy and can lead to thoughts of suicide.

Meanwhile, some people point out that there are not enough
avenues for persons seeking mental-health assistance in spite of the
services offered at the ClareVue Psychiatric Hospital.

Accordingly, the number of young men, in particular, who take their
own lives has become a cause for concern.

An appeal is therefore going out for men to seek the help required to
deal with challenging situations.