James claims that LIAT 2020 was born out of Browne’s desire to spite the airline pilots’ union

Gatesworth James, a former executive of LIAT (1974) Ltd., claims
that LIAT 2020 was created out of spite for the regional carrier’s
pilots union, since Prime Minister Gaston Browne did not want to
honour financial obligations to these persons.
It is well-known that Browne and the union representing the pilots –
LIALPA – have been at loggerheads for years now over their
severance payments.
James says the talk about LIAT 2020 is nonsense and is a vendetta to
get rid of the company’s debts, as Browne refuses to pay the airline’s
former workers.
He notes that the other shareholder governments are choosing to go
their separate ways and are pursuing airline services individually
because of Browne’s failure to consult with them.
And he believes that LIAT 2020 could be another failed venture of
the Administration if it is not handled properly.

In the meantime, the Browne Administration is accused of
attempting to dodge its obligations to the severed airline workers.
It has moved not only to change the carrier’s name, but is seeking to
sell majority shares to Nigerian airline Air Peace, which it hopes to
have manage the operations of LIAT 2020.