MP Asot Michael quotes Sir Lester Bird as he schools Prime Minister Browne in how he ought to conduct himself

Prime Minister Gaston Browne is being schooled in the correct way a person holding his office ought to behave – by none other than Member of Parliament for St. Peter Asot Michael.

The MP, who was once close to Browne, made an appeal in the Lower House today, October 19, urging the Prime Minister to tone down his rhetoric.

Browne has earned himself a reputation for using insulting language and employing his social-media presence and affiliated radio station to belittle and attack people.  He has even used the privilege of parliamentary immunity to launch scathing attacks on persons with whom he has issues.

Michael advises Browne, who is the sitting Chairman of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), to follow the advice of their late leader emeritus, Sir Lester Bird, who said that one cannot divorce his personal life from his political and ministerial positions.

The St. Peter MP advised the Prime Minister not to “level down” to persons on social media and on his radio station to answer every criticism of him.

Instead, he suggested that Browne should be more charismatic in dealing with people and situations.

The MP also criticized the Prime Minister’s approach to the public vaccination campaign.  While he agrees with the Administration’s mandates, Michael says, it is Browne’s bullish approach that has caused some people not to take the jab.

Finally, Michael tells Browne to rise above the criticism and do what he was elected to do: Lead the country.