Following sale of Alfa Nero, Appeal Court will consider application for judicial review; O’Kola notified this morning

While the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court of Appeal has rejected
an emergency injunction that would have prevented the sale of the
Alfa Nero superyacht this morning, June 16, the Court will be
considering an application for leave to appeal.

In addition, consideration might be given, alternatively, for leave to
apply for judicial review on other grounds.

Therefore, the Court adjourned the matter, which will be heard on a
date to be fixed by the Chief Registrar.

Andrew O’Kola, the attorney representing the parties challenging
the Government’s ownership of the vessel, reportedly was notified
of the Appeal Court’s decision by way of a notice received at 10:11
a.m. Friday morning.

Meanwhile, Deputy Chief Registrar Danielia Chambers says the
formal order will be circulated to all parties. However, in the
interest of time, it was dealt with by quick notice, since the sale of
the yacht was set for 10 a.m. at the Treasury Department. 

The application filed by O’Kola on behalf of Flying Dutchman
Overseas Limited, et al, against the Antigua Port Authority, et al was
determined by the Court on paper.

There are reports of a second, pending application for an injunction.
However, so far, those reports have not been confirmed nor
elaborated upon.

In the meantime, some residents are expressing the opinion that
selling the yacht before the pending court cases are resolved could
have a disastrous outcome.

The bid on the disputed vessel has been won by an American, Eric
Schmidt, reportedly a former chief executive officer of Google and a
software engineer. He offered US$67.6 million for the yacht, with
the second-highest bid coming in at US$66 million.

Port Manager Darwin Telemaque is hoping that, once the
Government receives payment within seven days, the new owner
will remove the vessel from Falmouth Harbour as soon as is

Several residents tell REAL News they are tired of this matter and
are also fearful of retaliatory action. Accordingly, for safety sake,
they want the vessel gone from this country in the shortest possible