Two breaks-in, at a downtown business and at a Cassada Gardens home, see thieves making off with a quantity of alcohol

A liquor store and a home were broken into and a quantity of
alcoholic beverages was stolen, which, some persons speculate,
might be used in an upcoming social event.

The owner of Quinn Farrara Liquor Store, located on Long Street,
reported to the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) that the
business had been broken into and eight bottles of English Harbour
5-year-old rum, valued at $35 per bottle, had been taken.

Reportedly the intruder threw a large stone into the northern side of
the building, dislodging several pieces of sideboard and the internal
panel. This apparently created a space large enough to facilitate
entry into the business.

The alcoholic beverages were then removed from a shelf.
Meanwhile, a Cassada Gardens woman also reported to the CID that
unknown persons had broken into her house and stolen a quantity
of rum, as well as her Samsung S8 cell phone valued at $3,000.

The intruders reportedly had entered the house via a northern
push-up window by using a hard implement to remove a part of it.
Investigations into both incidents continue.