As picket draws to a close, other plans are being considered to keep Antigua Airways/migrant-smuggling issue alive

As the picket of the Governor-General’s Office – staged by the
Concerned Citizens and the United Progressive Party (UPP) – draws
nearer to its close, plans are being made for the next move.

Since May 30, representatives of these groups have been diligently
turning out on weekdays, from 7:30 a.m., in front of the main
entrance, and calling for a commission of inquiry into the Antigua
Airways/African-migrant smuggling saga.

Their action is to run for 17 days to mark the number of persons
“lost at sea” during a boat trip intended to smuggle migrants into the
US Virgin Islands.

By next week, says Damani Tabor, the UPP public relations officer,
the public should know what further forms of protest will be

The group intends to keep this issue alive and seek justice for the
Africans and their families. However, Tabor adds, action will be
taken not only on this matter, but on other issues plaguing the
country under the Gaston Browne Administration.