Disgusted residents say dump of ALP election paraphernalia is ‘Next Level nastiness’ and call on Gail Christian to remove it

Some residents of the St. John’s Rural North community are asking
questions and expressing concern about a pile of election
paraphernalia that has been dumped in an area close to Runway

A video of the unsightly trash has gone into circulation, and shows
Antigua Labour Party posters, flags and stickers bearing the name of
Gail Christian, the recent candidate for St. John’s Rural West.  There
are also pieces of lumber – presumably from billboards –protruding
from beneath the pile.

Accordingly, some disgusted residents are referring to the site as
“ABLP Next Level nastiness.”

The unsightly dump was discovered in the lower part of Yorks, off a
path near the salt pond that leads to the very popular Runway
Beach. This has led some persons to ask why Christian’s rubbish
would have been collected and dumped in Rural North. 

A community resident calls it a disgrace at the highest level; and she
chides the candidate for not ensuring that her paraphernalia was
discarded properly and in the correct place.

Critics note that it should have been taken to the Cooks Sanitary
Landfill – which, incidentally, is situated in the constituency in
which Christian ran, and where she lives, and would have been more
accessible for disposing the refuse.

As the country is now in the hurricane season, it is likely that these
items could end up being strewn about the community and making
their way into drains, potentially blocking the water courses, some
people have opined.

A call is being made for Christian to clean up the dump site, since it
reflects badly on her, or to notify the National Solid Waste
Management Authority, so that a team could be deployed to remove
the trash before it becomes a breeding ground for vermin.