All Saints supermarket struck by two armed and masked robbers, who make off with cash register in damaged vehicle

Robbers recently struck an All Saints business, holding the owner’s
wife at gunpoint and making off with the cash register containing a
small amount of money.
A report of the offence was made to the All Saints Police Station by
the owner of 1 st  Enterprise Supermarket.
Reports say that two gunmen entered the establishment at about
10:34 p.m. one night; held the owner’s wife – who is also a cashier at
the supermarket – at gunpoint.

One of the robbers allegedly detached the Casio cash register,
containing $200, from the counter before he and his accomplice took
off in a white Toyota Vitz that was waiting for them. The gunmen
then fled in a northern direction on Jonas Road.

The getaway vehicle reportedly had a cracked front windscreen,
while the right driver-side window was shattered and was being
held together only by the tint.
One of the assailants is described as about 5’10” tall and of a slim
build, and was said to be wearing a white hooded jacket and dark-
coloured jeans. The other robber, who is also of a slim build, is
about 6’ in height and was dressed in a black hooded jacket and
dark-coloured pants.
Their faces allegedly were concealed by ski masks.
At the time of the robbery, an All Saints villager reportedly was
inside the supermarket making a purchase.
Reports say the taller of the two robbers pointed a gun at the
customer and – calling him by his alias – asked him to “ease back!”
An extensive search was carried out in the area for vehicles fitting
the description and for the two masked robbers, but without