‘Winnie’ celebrates 103rd birthday, and says church attendance, reading the Bible, and early nights are the key to long life

Centenarian Hermena Joseph Goodwin’s recipe for a long life is, “Go
to church; read your Bible; and don’t stay out late at night.”

Goodwin, also known as “Winifred” or “Winnie,” is celebrating a
huge milestone – her 103rd  birthday – today, January 10, in All
What is interesting – although not unheard of – is that Goodwin says
she was born on December 28, 1920, according to her own mother.
However, her official birthdate was recorded as January 10, 1921,
the date given by the midwife.
Goodwin, known to be a workaholic, had been a seamstress by
profession, and made wedding dresses for her daughters and at
least one granddaughter, as well as gowns for Carnival Queen
Above everything, the centenarian says, she loves God and is always
reading her Bible, singing her favourite hymns, and praying for her
family. These days, she also amuses herself by watching Judge Judy
and Justice TV and follows the local news and several radio
Her relatives are grateful that God has allowed her to be in their
lives all these years and to reach this milestone.