Recent hotel robbery being kept hush-hush, leading Wehner to conclude that crime is being deliberately underreported

Reports of a robbery at a hotel on the eastern section of the island have surfaced, but the matter has not been made public by the Police, to date.

The official silence follows another incident at the Antigua and Barbuda Port Authority, where four barrels were stolen from a locked container two weekends ago.

In that incident, masked men reportedly entered the compound, removed the barrels from the shipping container, and replaced the broken lock with a new one brought for that purpose.

These crimes have prompted REAL News Correspondent George Wehner to conclude that crime in Antigua and Barbuda is being under-reported by law enforcers.

He files this report about the alleged robbery.

Since the person of interest was taken into custody and then escaped – being at large for days now – no bulletin has been issued by the police, Wehner notes.

He is particularly perturbed by this situation, given the treatment meted out to him since his detention by the Police in 2016.

Wehner says that neither the Commissioner of Police, Atlee Rodney, nor the Minister of Public Safety, Steadroy “Cutie” Benjamin, has come out to say anything on these recent incidents.

He is asking why the officials are keeping these incidents “hush- hush,” adding that the people of Antigua and Barbuda do not feel safe.