Business owners ‘cry loss’ after thieves break into their premises and steal goods and cash

Several business owners are “crying loss” after thieves broke into their premises, from which a quantity of items, including food, cell phones and money, was stolen.

The owner and manager of Abo Zane Restaurant, located on Old Parham Road, reported to the police that unknown persons had broken into his business and stolen food and drinks and a garbage bin.

Reports are that the intruders gained entry by using a hard implement to break out a kitchen extractor fan on the southern rear portion of the building.

After stealing the items  the perpetrators left the business via a northern front door that was forced open.

Meanwhile, Mobile Legends, located on Factory Road, was also the target of thieves, who stole a quantity of mobile phones and $400 in cash.

Reportedly, the unknown persons gained entry, with a key, to a southern neighbouring laundry, then used a tool to cut the cement board that separates the laundry from the business place.

There was also a break-in at EZ Grabb, located at Jabberwock, which the cashier reported to the Coolidge Police Station.

Reports are that the thieves made off with a quantity of items, including alcoholic beverages, soft drinks and other groceries and an undisclosed sum of money.

Further reports are that the cashier had secured the business; however, upon her return the following day, she discovered a western window had been broken and these items were missing.

In the meantime, thieves targeted yet another Jabberwock business from which electronic items and money were stolen.

The proprietor of Casanova Restaurant reported to the Coolidge Police Station that his restaurant had been burglarized, and that electronic items valued at $300 and $800, respectively, had been removed from the cash register.

The business owner said he had secured his restaurant in the early hours of the morning; and, upon his return, about seven hours later, he discovered that it had been broken into and robbed.

Searches were carried out by the police for the stolen items and the perpetrators but without success.