Police invite robbery victims to view and claim recovered items, while Facebook ad leads to four arrests

A number of auto parts, electrical and landscaping tools, and household items are now in the custody of the police.  Officers are inviting residents who have been the victims of recent thefts to come into the station and identify the recovered property.

According to the police, the items can be viewed and identified by making contact with the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) at 462-3913.

Persons are also being asked to bring along some form of documentation to substantiate claims.

Meanwhile, a source says that a police officer, as a result of information received, made a check on social media and saw a number of weed-whackers for sale on the “Buy and Sell Antigua” Facebook page.

The officer carried out investigations and reportedly made contact with the alleged seller on April 2.

Reportedly, the officer received further information and, along with her colleagues, went to the home of a Desouza Road man.

The man was told he was suspected of having stolen items in his possession and he allegedly gave permission for the police to search his home.

Quite a number of items were found inside, including a Black and Decker drill; a DeWalt power saw; three large red gas bottles; and four weed whackers, among other electrical items.

Reports are that the officers seized all the items and took them to the St. John’s Police Station for further investigation.

The Desouza Road man and three other men from the area were all arrested on suspicion of larceny.