UPP Rural East Caretaker calls for consideration to auditing the finances of government officials

United Progressive Party (UPP) Caretaker for St. John’s Rural East Sean Bird is calling for an open symposium for the auditing of the finances of government officials.

Speaking on Progressive Radio’s Good Morning Sass Show on Tuesday, Bird says he will broach the idea with the Party’s executive.

His comments come against the backdrop of calls by the Former Attorney General in Zambia for transparency in public office.

The Rural East caretaker notes that lack of transparency hinders development within a country, a matter which has been given rise to the former attorney general’s pronouncements in Zambia.

Given the implications of the lack of transparency, Bird says residents here should be concerned about the level of openness of elected officials.

He posits that most individuals who run for public office in Antigua & Barbuda do not have any type of philanthropic background and are merely getting involved in politics as a means of amassing wealth.

According to Bird, most residents do not trust politicians in the twin-island-state stemming from the belief that they are all in office to line their pockets.

He therefore believes that a symposium would be the starting point in which transparency efforts can be practiced.