MP Simon doubles-down on call for PM Browne to change his behaviour into conduct the youth can admire and emulate

Member of Parliament for St. Mary South Kelvin “Shugy” Simon, once again, has denounced the behaviour of Prime Minister Gaston Browne, saying his conduct is not becoming of a leader who holds the most senior portfolio in the country.

Simon was reiterating the sentiments he expressed in Parliament, earlier this week, when he referenced the infamous “thump you in your face” comment that Browne hurled at independent candidate Asot Michael during the last election season.

Simon says the matter of Browne’s behaviour has often been ignored; but he contends that it needs to be addressed, because many young persons are emulating the actions of prime minister.

The St. Mary’s South MP was last employed as a counselor in the secondary schools and has been active in community groups and as a national athlete.  Accordingly, he has amassed significant experience working with young people and assessing their behaviour.

Given the recent increase in violence among the youth, particularly school-aged children, Simon underscores the need for leaders to set a good example.

However, based on the prime minister’s reaction to his comments in Parliament, Simon believes that his advice fell on deaf ears.  Not only that, he says, but Browne responded by menacing him during the sitting of the Lower House.