Masked and armed intruder ties up and robs elderly resident of Federation Road 

An elderly man was the victim of a masked gunman who entered his
home, tied him up, and robbed him during the early afternoon
The 85-year-old Federation Road resident reported to the Grays
Farm Police Station that he had been robbed at gunpoint, by a
masked man, at about 2:20 p.m. on February 21.

He claimed he had been preparing food in his kitchen when the
gunman pushed open his front door, which had been slightly ajar.
The intruder pointed a gun at the elderly man and ordered him to lie
down on the floor, which he did.
Allegedly, the intruder then used a tie strap to restrain the victim’s
hands and placed a blanket over his head. He then robbed him of his
Apple Iphone 8 and took EC$40 and US$20 from his wallet before
leaving the house.
Apparently, the elderly man managed to summon help and he was
Neighbours recount seeing a vehicle resembling a silver Toyota Axio
that bore rental plates, with three occupants. It was travelling from
south to north on Federation Road, they say.
That vehicle allegedly came to a stop outside the victim’s home, and
one of the passengers seated in the back exited the vehicle and
entered the house.
Persons recall that, after a few minutes, the man exited the home
and left in the same vehicle in a northerly direction. 

The bandit is described as being dark in complexion, of a slim build,
and about 6 feet tall; he was wearing a black mask with holes cut out
in the eye area. 
The police subsequently conducted a search in the surrounding
areas for any vehicle matching this description but without success. 
Inquiries into this incident are continuing.