With no community-level programmes feeding the education system, youth are robbed of full development, SMS MP says

Most of the gaps in the education system stem from weaknesses at the community level, says St. Mary’s South MP Kelvin “Shugy” Simon.

As a former employee in the system, Simon notes that it is designed for initiatives at the community level, which should then feed into the national front.

However, with the absence of solid educational programmes at the base level, there is minimal opportunity for the Nation’s youth to develop into high-capacity citizens, he laments.  

Simon says that opportunities must be created to enable the youth to realize their true potential, and this is something the Gaston Browne-led administration has failed to do.

While acknowledging that financial constraints will limit what can be done, Simon says the shortage of funds should not be an excuse for the lack of youth-development programmes.

Speaking from his experience as a teacher in his constituency, the St. Mary’s South MP says that developing sound education policies will help to attract donors.

According to Simon, it is also imperative that the authorities engage in consultation – rather than continue with the know-it-all attitude he says they have adopted.

Meanwhile, the SMS representative is advancing the United Progressive Party’s position that concessions should be awarded to companies as an incentive to sponsor sporting initiatives.

Simon notes that his Party has been pushing this strategy even before the last General Election.

The representative makes reference to a camp he will be hosting in Bolans this weekend, which will feature two coaches from the United States.

Given the fact that he – as only one person – could execute this initiative, Simon says, there is really no reason that the Government cannot offer similar programmes.