Mother fears her three children were kidnapped; says they left home with their father 10 days ago and have not returned

A young mother, Jamie Lawrence, is still awaiting word on the wellbeing of three of her children and fearing they might have been kidnapped.

A frustrated Lawrence tells REAL News that, up to this afternoon, Monday, March 13, she still has not heard from the children’s father, who took them on Friday, March 3, for his usual weekend visits.

The children – three-year-old twin girls and a one-year-old boy – were expected to be back home to begin daycare the following Monday.  However, Lawrence says, the were not returned, and she alleges that neither she nor the police have been able to reach their father.  

Reportedly, Lawrence, aged 26, made a complaint to the Minor Offenses Department last week and followed it up with a report to the Criminal Investigations Department this past weekend.

On Sunday, Lawrence told our Newsroom that police officers attempted to contact the missing father at his workplace.  She claims the police spoke to him on the job, last week, but when they turned up to the premises, the 27-year-old man was gone.

It is alleged that he has not turned up to work since; and neither his mother nor his sister was at home when officers tried to find them.

Another child, a baby boy, remains with his mother, who has legal custody of the four children.  

According to court documents provided by Lawrence, both parents are responsible for maintaining the children, and, prior to their disappearance last week, she says, there had been no problems with them sharing custody.

The older children were always picked up on Fridays and returned to their mother on Sundays or Mondays.   

Lawrence says the father was a resident of Willikies, but claims he has since moved to an unknown address – possibly to the village of Old Road.  

While there was talk last week that the CID would be procuring a search warrant, Lawrence says she was not aware of any movement on this up to Sunday.

Her former partner is a national of Jamaica, she says; but she does not believe he has taken the children out of the State, since she is in possession of their travel documents.