MP Chet Green incurs the wrath of St. Paul residents, who ask about his priorities and their needs

We are not falling for that trick again, Mr. Minister! This was the response of some callers after listening to certain comments by Paul Chet Greene, the parliamentary representative for the St. Paul constituency.

During an Observer AM interview on Monday, January 24, MP Greene was quizzed about a building being erected on his private property in Liberta Village.

In what some persons described as an evasive answer, Greene listed a number of uses for the building, including space for a community centre.

But, airing a raft of vexing constituency issues, one man laid out the many unfinished projects in the area where, he said, he has resided all his life.

He further questioned the MP’s order of priorities and his apparent lack of knowledge of the people’s urgent needs.

As villagers suffer daily from the lack of water, yet another upset resident asked about the questionable moves by trucks that are transporting the precious resource up and down the constituency.

Finally, an apparently light-eared Caribbean national made his feelings clear, warning that it will not be business as usual.