Environment activist pleads for Seaforth Beach and mangroves to remain untouched by development

Concerned citizens and residents of Jennings Village and the surrounding areas continue to agitate for the protection of the Seaforth Beach and its environs, especially the mangroves.

A petition to stop development in that part of the island was launched late last year, after Algernon “Serpent” Watts, the UPP Candidate for St. George, released details of the controversial Western Imperial Special Economic Zone Agreement.

To date, the petition has garnered nearly 2,000 votes.

Environment activist and longtime resident Raul Samuel, who says he has enjoyed fishing in the area since childhood, shared some insights about the proposed development this week on Observer Radio’s Voice of The People.

Samuel says the plan to put seaside villas right on the beach is a disaster waiting to happen, as there is hardly any land between the sea and the salt pond.

The activist says that Environment Minister Molwyn Joseph, the parliamentary representative for the area, continues to peddle the cliché about residents having access to the beach.

To ensure this matter is not swept under the carpet like previous controversies, Samuel says he intends to write to the authorities and other NGO’s to highlight the issues outlined in the petition.

He reports that, in recent times he has been contacted by a number of groups, here and around the globe, who are paying close attention to what is happening.

Samuel is in the process of organizing a walk-through of the area in the coming weeks.  He says he wants to continue the initiative of raising awareness of what Seaforth is.

The Movement led several such expeditions last year.