Shirtless Tinning Village burglar runs off with business’ cash pan and leaves a trail of coins and his hat and shoes behind

Police continue to investigate a burglary in which a Tinning Village
shop-owner caught a man inside her business.

The woman reported the incident – which occurred at 2:50 in the
early-morning hours – to the Grays Farm Police Station.

The victim – the owner of Tam Tac & OJ’s Variety Shop on the corner
of George Street and Tinning Village – reported that she had closed
and secured her shop and gone to her home, nearby, at about 8:15
p.m. on the night in question. 

However, later that night, her daughter got up to use the bathroom
and noticed that the light in the shop – which should be off – was
turned on. 

The woman went to check and observed a slim, brown-skinned
male, who was without a shirt, running from her shop in a northern
direction. He had her cash pan, containing about $200 in paper and
coins, in his hand. 

Reportedly the thief had used a hard implement to knock a padlock
from a northern bathroom door; and having done so, he entered and
removed the hinges from a kitchen door. 

This apparently gave him access to the front room from which the
cash pan was taken. One hat and a pair of slippers, as well as a piece
of iron, were found beneath the northern side of the shop. 

A search was carried out for the missing monies and the intruder,
and a trail of coins, along with $10, was found on the bridge.