Dr. Athill laments the state of Liberta clinic and says St. Paul, as economic hub, deserves better

The community of St. Paul is in dire need of a polyclinic, says Dr. Cleon Athill, the United Progressive Party (UPP) Candidate for that constituency.

Dr. Athill says that residents have expressed concern about the poor health services they receive in St. Paul.

She stresses that the criticism is not directed at the nurses and other healthcare professionals; rather, it is what these persons have to work with that is posing a problem.

Dr. Athill says the current Administration has not been providing the community clinics with the tools they require to do their jobs and take care of the people.

As a result, the UPP Candidate says, the Liberta clinic is in a dismal condition and needs a great deal of remedial work.

Further, she notes that English Harbour is an economic hub and therefore proper healthcare facilities should be available to the area.

Dr. Athill says the UPP will seriously address this issue once elected to public office.