Cabinet claims that ECCAA will grant permission for opening of Barbuda International Airport in two weeks

The Barbuda International Airport should be soon accepting flights, the
Cabinet says, as it expects permission by the Eastern Caribbean Civil Aviation
Authority (ECCAA) to be granted in about two weeks.

This week’s Notes from the June 19 meeting of the Executive did not elaborate
on this latest date for the opening of the airport on the sister-island – with its
controversial runway project.

All the Notes would say is that the project cost more than US$14 million.
It confirms that the runway’s length is 6,100 feet, but that the Cabinet has
agreed to add another 2,000 feet in order to accommodate certain jet aircraft.

Exactly who will fund this addition was not disclosed, however. But critics are
asking why this additional footage was not undertaken in the first place and
whether there were other environmental concerns that prevented it.

REAL News will follow up on this story with Barbuda Councilman and activist
John Mussington, who has already voiced concerns about the “apartheid”
system of operations expected at the new facility.