Couple flees home, leaving son behind, after masked robbers kick in front door and fire shots

As Antigua and Barbuda braced for the impact of Hurricane Tammy
on Friday night, October 20, a family in Cedar Grove became the
victims of robbers who broke into their home shortly after

Reports say that two armed and masked men broke into the home
by kicking in the decorative glass door into which they also
discharged a bullet.
Further reports say the family was asleep when they heard glass
shatter and what sounded like a gunshot.
Realizing that something was amiss, the couple fled the house, but
were not able to alert their teenage son, who was in another room.
The gunmen reportedly went to the couple’s bedroom and
discharged another round in that door.
It is alleged that they then searched the property, making off with
$480 and the man’s car keys. 

Officers from the Langfords Police Station were notified of the
incident by other residents – who had called to report what
sounded like gunshots in the area – and conducted investigations.
Reportedly the victim’s vehicle was found abandoned in the All
Saints area – ransacked but otherwise intact.