Franz deFreitas: THIS is why, Gaston Browne!

It is alarming, mind blowing and unfortunate that —  at a time in this country when working-class people under this government cannot get paid; when elders can’t get their Social Security pension on time; when the price for food is skyrocketing; when residents can’t get water in their pipes; when the health care system is crumbling; and when the infrastructure of the country is falling apart – the only consideration of Prime Minister and chief policy-maker Gaston Browne is why I have returned to the country of my birth, whey me nable tring bury…

Well, since you ask, I will tell you: I have come to fight for the liberation of my community and my country from vagabonds and exploiters like you and Cutie Benjamin, possibly the worst leaders the Caribbean has ever seen.

I was socialized and trained by both my parents — whom I know — to love, cherish and serve others.

I have taken that knowledge and lived in the wilderness of another man’s land to accomplish my greatest achievement: raising and educating both my children, who I know are mine.

I have learned much from serving others around the world, and I will now apply that experience to the development of my Nation.

You have been in political leadership for decades and Prime Minister for the past eight years, and you have  served only yourself, using your family, and your cronies. No one will remember your name when the people remove you from office. Your name will be obliterated form the books of history. Your generations will suffer because of your idiocy.

Now, I have received the call and have answered – to free the people of City South and serve my Nation. There is no higher work to which I can devote my life.

My task is to mobilize my brothers and sisters, the citizens and residents of this country, and collectively drive the proverbial bullbud in your tail.

We will then, as a people, march to our promised land; a land that we will develop for all the people:  those born here and those who have made this country their home. We will repair and build a nation in which all our people can grow, thrive, prosper; a land of which our children yet unborn can be proud.

I am going to be the thorn in your flesh.  I am going to remind the people how nasty, greedy, wicked, bad minded, and treasonous you are. I am going to drive the bullbud under your tail.

I pledge to expose the criminal industrial complex over which you and your cronies preside. We will ALL soon know the source of your sudden wealth.

Nothing you do or say will deter me.  I will continuously use my platforms to share ideas, educate, inspire and develop our people while you spew hate; slander the names of citizens and residents of this country; and bully your weak Cabinet colleagues.

I have been called for a time such as this, and no weapon formed against me will prosper; so come, try me, cause ebry bully hab dem cooler.