As an independent facility, Clarevue Psychiatric Hospital would be better positioned to reach those seeking help, Pringle says

Once it is elected to office, the United Progressive Party (UPP) plans to make the Clarevue Psychiatric Hospital an independent body, even while it remains under the ambit of the Ministry of Health.

Speaking on Tuesday night’s Community Matters, with social-media influencer J’Truth, Deputy Political Leader Jamale Pringle said mental health is an issue that must be seriously addressed.

Pringle says the UPP has held serious discussions on the matter and decided that it would be best to separate the facility from the regular health system.

He notes that there is a stigma attached to mental-health issues and, therefore, persons requiring assistance are ashamed to seek out the facility and embarrassed to pursue professional help.

Pringle says the UPP is hoping to change this mindset since mental issues can affect or impact anyone.

Pringle conducted a hike earlier this year with the emphasis on raising awareness of mental-health issues.