Dr. Athill invites the St. Paul community to join the ‘Clean up my gap’ campaign this weekend

The communities of St. Paul y will be conducting a clean-up campaign under the tagline “Clean up my Gap,” this weekend, June 11 and 12.

The exercise is being coordinated by the United Progressive Party (UPP) Candidate Dr. Cleon Athill, who shares the details of the campaign.

The National Solid Waste Management Authority will also be conducting an island-wide clean-up during this month, June 2022; but Dr. Athill says this weekend’s activity is not a part of that campaign.

Athill says the St. Paul clean-up exercise is expected to last for three hours, from 6 to 9 a.m. before the sun gets too hot. She adds that the activity can be something in which the whole family – including the children – gets involved.