Another dead body, not yet identified, found in St. John’s; public reminded of unsolved murders in Popeshead Street area

The lifeless body of another man has been discovered in St. John’s, reportedly on the steps outside a Corn Alley home.

Although the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) were summoned to the scene, the man reportedly showed no signs of life.  A medical doctor later arrived and pronounced the body dead.

The Police were also called and are now conducting investigations into the circumstances of the unidentified man’s death.  However, a post mortem will have to be conducted to determine the exact cause of his demise.

This death comes just over a week after the body of Alpha “Flower Nathaniel” Tonge of Grays Farm was discovered.

Tonge’s body was found on the morning of Monday, November 21, in the “East Country Pond,” which is adjacent to the Ministry of Agriculture on Independence Drive.

A female employee of the Ministry noticed the body in the shallow waters on the northern side of the pond and notified the police.

In the meantime, a resident of The Point reminds REAL News that the murders of several men in the Popeshead Street area are still unsolved.  It was alleged that two of the victims had been hogtied in a manner that led to strangulation.

There has been no recent word from the Police on these killings; however, an attorney assures our Newsroom that “there is no statute of limitation on murder.”