In the wake of two recent fatal accidents, Police implore drivers, yet again, to exercise due care and caution on the roads

The Police are again appealing to drivers to be more cautious on the roadways to reduce collisions and road fatalities. The appeal follows two traffic accidents that resulted in the deaths of two young men in the space of eight days.

Inspector Frankie Thomas says drivers should exercise due care and attention and look out for other motorists and, especially, for pedestrians.

Thomas notes that there are many more vehicles on the roads today than 20 years ago, which has created congestion, making it necessary for drivers to proceed with caution.

The police inspector says there has been a marked increase in certain types of collisions and this is not welcome news. Many of these accidents could, and should, have been avoided, Thomas says, but people are too careless and reckless in their driving.

Further, he says, drivers seem to be distracted very easily these days, which is another reason for all these collisions.

Thomas reports that there has been an increase in the number of traffic officers, as well as in personnel assigned to the out-stations, in an effort to reduce the number of daily accidents.

And according to the senior police officer, police pedal-cyclists have been deployed in the City and in the suburban areas to help regulate the flow of traffic. They should also serve as a deterrent to those driving at high speeds and without due care and attention, he says.