Guilty pleas in the High and Magistrates Courts see orders for compensation being imposed on offenders  

Several people were sentenced for various offences after pleading guilty in the High Court and the St. John’s Magistrates’ Court.

Among them was Latoya James of Cooks Extension, who was charged by the Police with serious wounding, but admitted to the lesser count of unlawful wounding before High Court Judge Ann-Marie Smith.

James was ordered to pay compensation to the complainant in the amount of $12,000.

She has to make a payment of $2,500 by July 8 or, in default, serve six months at Her Majesty’s Prison. Thereafter, from the end of August, the sum of $750 must be paid on the last workday of every month.

If James fails to meet these payments, she will have to serve two months in prison each time.
Meanwhile, Justice Smith also ordered Okharie Harrison of Golden Grove Extension – who pleaded guilty to unlawful wounding in April – to compensate his victim in the amount of $10,000.

Of this sum, $3,000 has to be paid forthwith or, in default, Harrison will spend six months in prison.   Subsequently, the sum of $750 is to be paid on the last workday of every month beginning at the end of July. 
He, too, faces two months in prison for every payment missed.
Additionally, Harrison was placed on 18 months’ probation and is to be of good behaviour.  Should he breach the terms of the order, he will serve one year in prison. 
In the Magistrates Court, Kerion Hurston of Yorks was sentenced by Magistrate Conliffe Clarke on a charge of larceny.
Hurston pleaded guilty to the offence, was convicted, and was ordered to pay the complainant, Ginel Gonsalves, the sum of $1,200 on or before July 8.  In default, he will serve six months in prison.
Hurston was also fined $1,000 for committing the act, and this sum goes into the Government’s coffers. 
He allegedly stole $1,060 in cash from the victim on June 26 at Anchorage Road.