Alex Browne reminds the authorities that beach access is a legal right and no blockage of Spencer’s Beach will be tolerated

Alex Browne, the United Progressive Party (UPP) Candidate for St. Phillip’s North, is concerned about free access to beaches in the area.

This issue of beach access has always been a troubling one, with many residents lodging complaints that investors are not permitting them to use the beaches.

Browne spoke of a situation that has been occurring at Spencer’s Beach, in Willikies, where someone is erecting what he says might be a gate at the entrance point to the beach –located at the back of Sir Robin Yearwood’s property.

The UPP Candidate says that members of the constituency use the beach, an area termed the “Peninsula,” for recreation and to ply their trade.

Browne says that private developers had purchased lands in that area, but he is not sure if the structure being erected is being put up by those investors.

He is, however, sending a warning that if constituents are unable to have access to the beach action will be taken.

Browne says that there has been no word from the parliamentary representative, Sir Robin, about what is going to take place in the area.

He reminds residents that all beaches in Antigua and Barbuda are public, and the law provides that persons should always have access to them.

Browne is calling on the Government and the relevant authorities to allow persons free access, since the people should not have to endure this type of harassment in their own country.