ABHTA tells workers who failed to be vaccinated or procure exemption certificates that their employment ended on Oct. 16

The Antigua and Barbuda Hotels and Tourism Association (ABHTA) is placing sector employees on notice that those who have not yet received their first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, and have failed to show up to work, have forfeited their employment.

In a letter to its membership, the ABHTA advises that the recently updated Gazette of October 1 offers exemptions to employees who previously contracted the virus, as well as to those excepted on medical or religious grounds.

The Association reminds employees that they were given a one-month grace period in which to comply with the vaccination mandate for the sector.  It says it will not wait indefinitely for them to decide whether they will be inoculated or exempted with testing.

The letter adds that the organization simply will not be able to accommodate unvaccinated/untested employees in the workplace to the detriment of other employees, or by breaking the law.

Therefore, the ABHTA says, those employees who refused, neglected, or otherwise failed to get vaccinated, or to procure an Exemption Certificate after September 30, will not be allowed to continue working.

Additionally, those in non-compliance after October 16 will be deemed to have given up their jobs and signalled that they are no longer willing to perform their employment duties, the ABHTA says.

Employees are being told that any outstanding vacation due will be processed in the usual manner.