Progressive Youth to host ‘Your Voice Matters,’ a forum to hear from their peers on UPP’s policies and plans for young people

The United Progressive Party (UPP) will highlight its main message of “Relief, Recovery and Shared Prosperity” through an event being hosted by its youth arm, the Progressive Youth, on Sunday, December 4.

That evening, at 6 p.m., a Youth Public Forum, under the theme “Your Voice Matters,” will be staged at Freedom Hall on Lower Newgate Street.

Harold Lovell, Political Leader of the Party, says the UPP has been in full listening mode over the past year; this was to ensure that voters have a bigger voice in decisions affecting all aspects of their lives.

Among the main issues affecting the youth, Lovell says, the Party has identified the lack of jobs.  “The economy,” he says, “is not producing enough jobs for people entering the workforce, and those most affected are our young people.”

Accordingly, the Party intends to present new policies to address underemployment and the mismatch of skills and to generate jobs among the Nation’s youth.

Meanwhile, Jamale Pringle, Deputy Political Leader – considered a youth himself – says this the forum is a perfect opportunity for the young people to share their knowledge and expertise.

It is also an opportunity to ask important questions about the UPP’s plans for youth development, housing, jobs, entrepreneurship, education, sports and other issues, he says.

Organizers say the forum is part of a series of events that will celebrate “UPP Liftment Week.”

Sunday’s event will feature a Networking Reception at 6 p.m., followed by a discussion which will be moderated by social-media influencer J’Truth and attorney-at-law Chandera Codrington. 

It will include a panel of UPP Candidates and a question-and-answer session for attendees to contribute their ideas and provide feedback on the Party’s youth-development policies.

As Antiguans and Barbudans prepare to go to the polls, the UPP will continue to release some of its youth policies and programmes, the Party says.