Wounding with scissors leads to discovery of gun and ammunition in backpack of young man accused of offense

A recent altercation has left a young man nursing two wounds inflicted with scissors, while his attacker was later found with an illegal firearm and ammunition.

Reports say the mother of the Nut Grove youth called the Grays Farm Police Station and reported that her son and another young man had been involved in an altercation – over a pair of Birkenstock slippers – during which he stabbed the victim with a pair of scissors.

The victim reportedly sustained injuries to the upper left arm and to the right shoulder for which he had to seek medical attention. He was transported to the hospital by the Emergency Medical Services (EMS).

The Police later found the alleged perpetrator at his home. With the consent of his mother, a search was conducted on his person and a modified flare gun and five rounds of ammunition were found in his backpack.

The young man was detained and the firearm and ammunition were taken to the Grays Farm Police Station for further investigation.