Lewis is skeptical about removal of St. John’s Magistrates Court from Knuckleblock, fearing announcement is an election ploy

Unlike other community residents, Senator Richard Lewis is not convinced that the St. John’s Magistrates Court will return to its High Street location in the near future.

Last week, the Cabinet announced that renovations were almost complete, paving the way for the court to return to its former premises and the centre at Knuckleblock to be handed over to the community.

However, when the matter of the move was put to him, Lewis chuckled, saying he will believe it when he sees it. He believes the announcement was an election ploy, given that similar promises have been made before.

Lewis has been at the forefront of those agitating for the Court to be moved and for the community centre to be handed over to the people of Grays/Green.

The centre was a gift from the People’s Republic of China, based on a request from the former Prime Minister and Parliamentary Representative for the area, Dr. Winston Baldwin Spencer.