Clarevue workers remain resolute as they enter Week 4 of protest, while Wehner highlights filthy conditions at facility

Tuesday, May 24, marked three full weeks since the staff at Clarevue Psychiatric Hospital began staging protest action, and they do not appear to be relenting.

It was on May 3 that the aggrieved workers downed tools, demanding their overtime payments and decrying the deplorable conditions under which they are forced to work.

And, going into week No. 4 of their action, the employees say they remain resolute as they stand up for their rights and what is owed to them.

REAL News Correspondent George Wehner, who has been checking on the workers at regular intervals, agrees that the conditions under which they work are inhumane.

No hospital should be in that condition, he says, and the workers are being asked to operate in filth.

Meanwhile, Wehner reports that, according to the shop steward, some workers have received their monies and have returned to their jobs.

While all staff are not standing in solidarity at this time, he says, those who remain on the picket line say they are there for the long haul, even though the Administration refuses to meet with them.

Wehner says the nurses and ancillary staff – those describing themselves as the backbone of the government-run facility’s operations – should be commended for their stance.

Even with this action and some monies being disbursed, Wehner stresses that the payments do not include the promised COVID-19 stipend.

Wehner, who is also the Mobilization Officer of the United Progressive Party, says its team is ready to lead the country and address the challenges that have overtaken the Browne Administration and are now impacting workers.