World Water Day finds Antigua and Barbuda without adequate supply, and Lovell blames the authorities for mismanagement

Harold Lovell is decrying the fact that the country is without adequate pipe-borne water, even as Antigua and Barbuda joined the rest of the world today, March 22, in observing “World Water Day.”

Lovell, the Political Leader of the United Progressive Party (UPP), was among hundreds of citizens and residents who took to the picket line, this morning, to protest this persistent problem.

The Browne Administration continues to boast that it is producing more water than ever through Reverse Osmosis (RO) plants; however, households are still not getting pipe-borne water on a regular basis, Lovell points out.

Meanwhile, a woman tells REAL News that she was without running water for two weeks.  Then, when it came on Tuesday, March 22, it lasted for less than an hour, she says.

Another woman scoffs at “World Water Day,” asking why residents are celebrating this event when she has not received water for seven weeks.

Lovell blames these long periods of households being without water on the mismanagement of the RO plants.

World Water Day is celebrated annually to raise awareness of the two billion people worldwide living without access to safe water.