Jennings Primary School robbed yet again, as insider complains about lack of measures to improve security of Admin building

For what is believed to be the seventh or eighth time in five years, the Jennings Primary School was broken into on Tuesday night, May 24, with thieves making off with almost 10 laptop computers, a source says.

REAL News learned that the school’s security officer discovered on Wednesday morning that the Administration building had been hit overnight and reported the matter to the Police.

While the building was deemed off-limits to staff at the time our News Room was alerted, a source says it was already determined that the computers had been taken.

Police were expected to arrive and conduct investigations, including finger-printing, the insider says.

The source complains that every break-in has taken place at the same vulnerable point in the Administration building, and yet none of the recommended reinforcements – including new windows and the addition of burglar bars – has been put in place.

All that can be expected this time, the person reports, is that the Board of Education (BoE) will dispatch maintenance personnel to change the locks, and nothing further will be done to protect the property.

The Ministry of Education, in the past, has appealed to members of the various communities to take greater responsibility for the security of their schools and to report suspicious activity. 

However, the Jennings Primary School sits outside the residential areas and is rather isolated, the source points out, and so the Ministry, the Board, and the Police must do more to ensure the school is protected. 

Meanwhile, the staff remain discouraged by the constant break-ins and the theft of valuable equipment and materials from the primary school, the source reports.