Police look for suspects responsible for two daylight break-ins in the Langfords neighbourhood

Police continue to hunt for the brazen suspects who are responsible for two home invasions in the Langfords area on Monday, May 23.

As they step up investigations into the daring daylight incidents, lawmen theorize that the same perpetrators were involved in both invasions. 

In one incident, officers say, masked men broke into a house with a female occupant.  However, the woman’s dogs attacked the intruders, giving her time to run from the house and onto the road, where she desperately signaled a motorist to stop and then called the Police. 

Law enforcement arrived on the scene within minutes, but the invaders had already escaped by jumping through a window.  

The woman was not able to say if anything had been stolen. 

Subsequently, the Police received reports that an apartment in the same area had been broken into during the same period; however, reports say there was no one was at home at the time.

Items of clothing were discovered to be missing from that apartment.

The Police are appealing to persons who may have seen these men, or any other suspicious activity, to provide that information to the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) at 462-3913.