Recalled batch of Jif peanut butter found on local shelves, Consumer Affairs confirms, and disposal of product underway

Orin Steele, Acting Director of the Prices and Consumer Affairs Division, says that investigations have confirmed that the recalled batch of Jif peanut-butter is, indeed, on the shelves in Antigua and Barbuda.

Steele says the Division received notification of the recall on Sunday afternoon, May 22.  He says that preliminary investigations were begun on Monday at some of the local supermarkets and the recalled product was, in fact, being sold.

Therefore, the Division has contacted the Central Board of Health (CBH) for assistance in disposing of the product. He says this has to be done to prevent the items from making their way back into the market.

Steele says the Division has received a few calls from consumers wanting to find out whether the recalled batch is here.

To get those batch numbers, he advises persons to contact the Division at 462-0834; via Whatsapp at 464-4236; by email at; or check its Facebook page for the information.

The Acting Director says the Division has also reached out to a number of businesses.   It was informed that they had conducted checks of their inventory and done some removal themselves.

However, Steele is cautioning businesses not to discard the recalled product themselves.

By now, he says, the Central Board of Health should have completed its rounds of checking the respective businesses and collecting and disposing of the affected product. 

International media reports earlier this week indicated that multiple Jif peanut-butter products are being recalled due to an outbreak of salmonella that is linked to a Lexington, Kentucky, manufacturing facility.

J.M. Smucker Co., the parent company for the popular peanut-butter brand, reportedly issued the voluntary recall last Friday, May 20.

Reports say the US Food and Drug Administration, along with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other partners, are investigating the outbreak in 12 states.