Dr. Athill says ALP election playbook is well known to UPP and warns the vulnerable immigrant community not to be abused

The United Progressive Party (UPP) is ready for the fight and the dirty tricks that are trademarks of an Antigua Labour Party (ALP) election campaign, declares St. Paul Candidate Dr. Cleon Athill. 

Back in 1999, a document branded “For Your Eyes Only” was prepared for then-Prime Minister Lester Bird, and it outlined several strategies the ALP should use to win the general elections at any cost.

Speaking at last Thursday’s public rally, Athill, the UPP Candidate for St. Paul, says the Party is familiar with the ALP’s playbook and, accordingly, has prepared itself for the battle.

She is imploring voters not to be fooled by the promises being made by the Gaston Browne Administration, which, she says, wants to use government resources in its campaign.

Athill points to the current amnesty programme, which she describes as a hallmark trick of the ALP, and notes that the Labour Party habitually pounces on immigrants who are already vulnerable.

This type of political abuse must stop, Dr. Athill says.

Another worn-out ALP strategy, Athill says, is giving people work during the lead-up to an election.   But these jobs are usually low-end employment that keeps people living hand to mouth, she says.

The UPP Candidate also mentioned the distribution of storage tanks, calling it “water for votes,” which, she says, is disgusting.  And the current intensified road repairs were also highlighted.

Additionally, Athill says, the UPP is expecting the customary cash payouts by the Labour Party to eligible voters.

Notwithstanding the ALP’s dirty tricks, she is confident that the UPP has what it takes to win the 16 seats it is contesting.  

Prime Minister Gaston Browne has expressed similar sentiments, but declares that his party will also recapture the Barbuda seat from the Barbuda People’s Movement (BPM).