‘Corty’ Marshall speaks out against the price of lands in Cades Bay and Urlings, telling locals to fight against discrimination

Corthwright “Corty” Marshall is accusing the Antigua Labour Party (ALP) of going back on its promise to make land more affordable to the lower and middle classes.

In this regard, he is highlighting what appears to be the overcharging of regular citizens for lands in the Cades Bay and Urlings areas.

Marshall, the United Progressive Party (UPP) Candidate for St. Mary’s South, says that land is a burning issue in the constituency – especially in these communities.  And, noting that land is power, he says that citizens of this country should share in its ownership.

He accuses the Government of cutting up parcels of land in Cades Bay, but selling them at a price the poorer man cannot afford.

Marshall alleges that the current parliamentary representative, Samantha Marshall, and Attorney-General Steadroy “Cutie” Benjamin paid only $3 per square foot for their Marble Hill lands.

Therefore, he says the people in St. Mary’s South should not allow the Ministers to take advantage of them.  Rather, they should stand up for their rights against the wicked act of discrimination. 

Marshall says the Labour Party continues to boast of purchasing lands from the syndicate estates. However, he is reminding the people that Sir Keithlyn Smith, Sir George Walter, and Donald Halstead were among the advocates for the purchase of such lands.

He says today, again, it is the UPP that is championing the cause of keeping those lands in the hands of ordinary Antiguans and Barbudans.

Under a UPP Administration and the stewardship of Political Leader Harold Lovell, Marshall assures residents, a fair and equitable system will be put in place to ensure that the people are the owners of the land.

Meanwhile, MP Samantha Marshall is denying the land price quoted by the UPP Candidate; but constituency residents insist that there is, indeed, a price discrimination against persons living outside St. Mary’s South.