Public Service Association President says Government should not discriminate in its payment of monies owed to workers

The President of the Antigua & Barbuda Public Service Association (ABPSA) says that Clarevue workers also downed tools on Tuesday and Wednesday because of unfair treatment.

Joan Peters explains that the Fiennes Institute staff have received about 50 percent of what they are owed by the Government, while Clarevue employees – who have been owed for a longer period – are still waiting.   

Peters believes that monies should have been paid across the board.  She notes that when workers are comfortable, they give their all to ensure their organization runs at its optimum.

Because the psychiatric facility does not bring in any income for the Government, the Association President believes it is being neglected.

She adds that Ministry of Health officials and the staff of the facility do not appear to be working in tandem to deal with the plethora of issues affecting the workers.