Barbudans already paid for Dulcina lands; and, despite other claims, they will do everything to reacquire them, Thomas vows

Barbudans believe that a fight is on the horizon over the Dulcina Hotel lands, which, former Senator Linton Thomas says, belong to the people of the sister-island.

Thomas is adamant that the people of Barbuda already acquired the property; hence, he cannot understand how a claim to it has been made by members of the Prime Minister’s family.

However, he vows, everything will be done to re-acquire those lands.

Thomas says that a great disservice has been done to the people of the sister-island by the Gaston Browne Administration.  He accuses its members of wanting to continue their enrichment on the backs of Barbudans and off the Nation, on a whole.

The former Barbuda Senator notes that working amicably with this Labour Party Administration has been extremely difficult, since it appears that there is always some side-dealing.

Linton says he is hoping a new party will be elected at the next General Elections, so that a more cordial relationship can ensue and less land-grabbing and self-enrichment will take place.