Barbuda has not had a positive COVID-19 case for the past six weeks, according to resident physician Dr. Jeremy Deazle.

Dr. Deazle says, further, that the pandemic has been under control on the sister-island for several weeks, due to steps taken by the Barbuda Council and Health officials there.

Meanwhile, he says their vaccination programme is progressing, with about one third of the population having received the jab.  The island will reach herd immunity once about 500 people are vaccinated, he says.

Notwithstanding the vaccination numbers, Dr. Deazle says there is still some trepidation among residents about being vaccinated.

He adds that the “invincibility mentality” among the youth seems to be one of the reasons why they are reluctant to take the jab.

Meanwhile, the doctor says that everything – including oxygen – is now in place at the isolation centre on Barbuda in the event that any severe cases are presented.

Previously, persons who came down with a severe case of the virus and required oxygen therapy, or had to be placed on a ventilator, had to be transported to Antigua to continue their treatment.

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