DeFreitas says selection of George has nothing to do with his competence and everything to do with Browne’s control

Dwayne George’s selection as the replacement for Samantha
Marshall in the upcoming by-election had nothing to do with the
competence of other Antigua Labour Party (ALP) members, says
Franz deFreitas, the United Progressive Party (UPP) caretaker for St.
John’s City South.

Rather, deFreitas says, the selection had more to do with who is
willing to bow at the feet of Prime Minister Gaston Browne and
whom he is able to manipulate.
Many people, including ALP supporters, have been asking whether
there was no Labour Party foot soldier able to replace Marshall,
given that George had been a member of the UPP for many years.
DeFreitas explains that the prime minister wants around him only
those whom he can control and who would be loyal to him at all

The City South caretaker notes that there are longstanding ALP
members who disagree, philosophically, with many things taking
place in the party and the country under Browne’s stewardship.
And, he adds, no supporter with a sound and rational mind could
believe that George is the best candidate to represent the Labour
Party in the by-election.
But notwithstanding these realities, deFreitas acknowledges that
some residents of St. Mary’s South – including those who received
incentives and family members – will vote for George.