After announcement of road closure to facilitate pipe-laying, no work has begun; Wehner asks authorities why

George Wehner is calling on the Ministry of Works and on contractor
CO Williams to tell the public what has delayed the road works in
the vicinity of Crown Gardens – the former Jailman Ground –
scheduled for Monday, August 21.
A notice published on August 16 had notified community residents
that the sole entry/exit road would be closed to traffic between 9
a.m. and 4 p.m. on Monday.
This was to allow the Antigua Public Utilities Authority (APUA) to
lay water pipes on the Anchorage Road close to the Crown Gardens
However, after this information was put out, no work was
undertaken in the area, and Wehner, a REAL News correspondent, is
asking why.
He says the rainfall on Sunday, August 20, could not have been the
reason for the delay, since, when he visited the area on Tuesday, the
area was basically dry and there was no unusual pooling of water.
Wehner reports that community members are anxious to find out
when, exactly, the work will begin, so they can plan for the
disruption accordingly.
Meanwhile, the stalled construction of a bridge has blocked the
other entrance/exit roadway to the area, via the Friendship Circle
Road, for more than a year now.