Mask mandate is being lifted, but Cabinet encourages the unvaccinated to take the jab for future protection

The mandate requiring all persons entering government buildings to provide proof of vaccination is being lifted, according to this week’s report from the Cabinet.

All other protocols will remain in place, including hand washing, social distancing and the wearing of masks in public – although the Executive has signalled its intention to make mask-wearing optional, shortly.

Some residents are welcoming what they see as a “tiresome” and now “unnecessary” requirement, while others say they are not about to take any chances by going without a mask.

Meanwhile, the Cabinet continues to appeal to unvaccinated residents to take the jab in order to increase protection against any future, and more deadly, variant of the coronavirus.

Recent reports out of Trinidad say that a serious variant of the Omicron was discovered there.

The Executive notes that, in the past week, only 23 new COVID-19 cases were detected, and no victims are hospitalized.

The most recent dashboard released by the Ministry of Health reveals two new lab-confirmed cases, bringing active infections to 30 and Antigua and Barbuda’s total to 7,449, as of February 28.

There were also eight recoveries recorded.