Doctor warns that anxiety disorders can manifest early and professional help should be found to prevent suicide

Anxiety disorders in adults usually manifest from early childhood –from as young as five years or from adolescence – according to Dr. Chenelle Joseph, a consultant in internal medicine and psychiatry.

These could have been caused by the child’s environment at the time, she says.

The doctor was referring to a growing concern: that mental-health issues seem to be more prevalent since the pandemic.

Dr. Joseph says the number of people living together could play a role in a child developing anxiety.  She adds that taking care of a disabled person could also be a contributing factor.

She confirms that anxiety can be a main contributor to mental health issues, explaining that there are varying anxiety disorders.

Dr. Joseph says that anxiety not only affects one’s mental well-being but the physical well-being, too.

Meanwhile, according to the doctor, suicide can become a release mechanism for those suffering from anxiety disorders.  Accordingly, she says that affected persons should seek immediate professional assistance, since these types of disorders are usually treatable.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organisation (WHO) on Wednesday (March 2) announced that the COVID-19 pandemic has taken a dire toll on mental health, with cases of anxiety and depression rising by over 25 per cent globally.

“… The COVID-19 crisis had, in many cases, significantly impeded access to mental-health services and raised concerns about increases in suicidal behaviour,” it said.

Reports say the world saw a 27.6 per cent increase in cases of major depressive disorder in 2020 alone.  During the first year of the pandemic, there was also a 25.6 per cent hike in cases of anxiety disorders worldwide, a study has found.